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This forum has a lot of members, but it is very inactive. I made a new forum, join it:
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PostSubject: The RULES   Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:47 pm

Let me make this real simple..

No spamming
No double posting
No trolling
No ADULT content
Censor(You do it yourself) the bad use of language you are going to write.
NEVER insult an admin or you are going to be PERMANENTLY banned.

Roleplaying rules

No godmoding
Respect what a game master tells you
you can only have up to 4 charecters,no more
Each character starts at level ONE
To gain new attacks and abilities your charecter must level up first by TWO.
When you are registering your character,the max stat number of a stat is 10.

Follow those rules as much as you can...or be banned ^^

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